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Important Update: New Sanctions Regarding Match Official Abuse

Important Update: New Sanctions Regarding Match Official Abuse

Chloe Budge15 Aug 2023 - 12:31
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Dear Royston Rugby Club Players, Coaches, and Parents,

We hope this message finds you well and excited for the upcoming rugby season. As we gear up for another fantastic year of rugby, we want to bring your attention to an important development that affects us all.

We have recently received communication from Herts County in regard to Match Official Abuse, a concerning issue that affects the integrity and spirit of the game we all hold dear. As the Royston Rugby Club Committee, we want to emphasize our commitment to promoting respect, fair play, and sportsmanship both on and off the field.

Starting from the 2023/24 season, Hertfordshire Rugby will be implementing new sanctions aimed at addressing Match Official Abuse more harshly than it has been dealt with in the past. These changes empower the Hertfordshire Disciplinary Panel to take more stringent action against any instance of disrespect or abuse directed towards match officials. This applies to all participants and attendees, including players, coaches, and spectators, at any match and could include a ban from attending any matches or location associated with the RFU for a lengthy period of time. This new guidance is attached for your reference.

Royston Rugby Club stands firmly behind this initiative. We believe that match officials play an integral role in the community game, ensuring that every match is played fairly and safely. Their dedication and commitment contribute to the enjoyable experience we all share, and it's essential that we show them the respect they deserve as volunteers to the game.

As members of Royston Rugby Club, we have a responsibility to uphold the values of rugby including teamwork, respect, enjoyment, discipline and sportsmanship. Abusing match officials not only tarnishes the spirit of the game but also damages the reputation of our club. We urge all players, coaches, and parents to understand the gravity of this matter and to wholeheartedly support this new endeavor by Hertfordshire Rugby and to hold each other accountable to meeting these standards.

Let us all strive to create an environment where every participant, regardless of their role, feels valued, respected, and appreciated. Together, we can ensure that rugby remains a positive and enriching experience for everyone involved.

Thank you for your attention to this important matter. We look forward to a successful and respectful rugby season ahead.

Yours in rugby,

Royston Rugby Club Committee

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