The Community & Royston Rugby Club

Here at Royston Rugby Union Football Club, we are keen to get all children interested in playing rugby from an early stage. We work closely with local schools to help train teachers and helpers in basic rugby skills . We also host a number of schools tournaments throughout the year. We also are able to organise qualified coaches to run sessions at schools where possible.

Rugby is an excellent sport for children of all ages and is one of the few sports where children of both sexes , with mixed abilities can participate in competitive team sports on an equal basis. Younger children play mini Tag-Rugby where there is no contact but a great deal of fun. Training routines consist of many different running and ball games to develop basic skills, fitness and an increasing awareness of the game of rugby.

As children grow older then more aspects of the game are introduced until teenagers are playing full contact rugby.

Please contact our School's Liaison Officer for more information or read the various information available on this website.

"Many schools use Tag Rugby as the invasion game they teach to fit in with the National Curriculum for Primary School PE because it is so easy to deliver. Tag Rugby offers a great game for Primary schools, as boys and girls can play together regardless of age or experience. "

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