Introduction To Mini and Youth Rugby
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1. Introduction

Mini and Youth Introduction

Royston Rugby Club is an inclusive, friendly and ambitious rugby club which exists to provide rugby playing opportunities to boys, girls, men and women from the local area.
Rugby starts at under 5 level which is equivalent to Reception class.

In 2018 the club will field teams all the way up to Under 18s and is committed to expanding it's girls section at all ages.

The club is committed to the RFU New Rules of Play and the Kids first approach. This means the game, its rules and skill requirements develop in line with the age group and capabilities of the youngsters ensuring fun, safety and learning at the right pace for all.

At age groups under 5, 6,7 and 8 (School Years R, 1,2,3) the non contact form of the game (Tag Rugby) is played.

Players graduate to contact rugby at Under 9 (year 4), each subsequent season new features of the game are introduced until, by under 15s level the game resembles an adult game of rugby.

If you have any questions or comments on youth rugby at Royston please contact Niall Tallis on